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Franklin Flea Market!
Vintage. Reclaimed. Handmade. Homemade Packed Food.

About Franklin Flea Market

Franklin Flea is a known market that focuses on top antique vendors, furniture that are upcycled, clothing that are vintage, antiques, collectibles, fresh delicious cooked food or even small pre-packaged food. We also have a production company Fluxus that was founded by Mark Vevle. We also cater to selected jewelries, handmade goods, art, made by local designers and artists. This market fluctuates in 40-60 vendors, it also operates at different locations out and indoor.


Franklin Flea is always looking for more vendors to be part of the market. If you’re a person who do handmade crafts, pre-packed meals, antiques, collectibles, and the like and you want to be part of our market, we have a more detailed summary of how we select our vendors.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Don’t take it from us, take it from our clients experience with us. If you’re one of our clients, send us what you think about our service. We would love to add your testimonial to our page because your experience counts.

FranklinFlea has helped me so much in my freelance journey. Without them I don’t know how I would have survived the freelance journey. They helped me step by step in making money.

Matt Brandon


This site has helped my business so much. I have earned a lot of loyal customers from here. I believe I wouldn’t have made it without them. In a few week’s time I would be opening my physical shop all thanks to FranklinFlea.

John Larson


You guys are amazing! I have sold and found so many antiques and collectibles with your help. People like myself appreciate all the effort you put in to help us in our business. Keep it up FranklinFlea

Saul Goodman

Antique collector & seller

You guys have helped me so much in reaching where I am today. I owe you guys too much!

Christofer Antorin

Homemade Packed Food Distributor

You guys have helped me so much in achieving my antique shop, it has been done online but I know I would achieve it is real life too,

Jericho Bertsym

Wow guys! My antique shop is half full because of you guys. Thank you so much! You guys are really inspiring.

Patricia Angus

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Contact Us

We make sure that we’re always easy to contact whenever you need to. We have our support team 24/7, aside from our website chatbox you can contact us through our phone number, Email, or visit us in our office.


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